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How to Create an Online Classroom




ProProfs online classroom offers a secure & centralized way for you to assign quizzes & courses to your learners.  For your learners, it means a single platform where they can access courses, view reports (including past scores), certificates and more. 


This article covers the following topics:

Top Benefits


  • Easily teach & track the progress of large groups of learners 
  • Save time by centrally assigning course or quiz assignments 
  • The centralized portal helps learners to self-access courses



  • Assign individual usernames & passwords to course takers.
  • Protect your quizzes and courses with advanced secure rights of access 


Better Management

  • Send a single link to learners for accessing quizzes and courses
  • Instantly send email notifications to Groups or Users 
  • Motivate learners to complete assignments with friendly reminders 

Create an online classroom

Follow these steps to learn how to create an online classroom:


Step 1. Go to your quiz dashboard and click on "My Users."


Step 2. Click on "Users" to create individual student/learner accounts and "Groups" to organize users into groups (such as classes or teams).


To start assigning courses and groups to users, you have to add users to the classroom first.


Step 3. Once you add users to the classroom, you can assign them courses by clicking the "Manage" icon. 


Once you're done assigning courses to users, you can:

  • Assign the user a particular group or groups.
  • Check the courses pending for and taken by the user.
  • Check the Grade Report of the user.
  • Edit the info of users such as their ID or username, passwords, etc. You can also delete a user.  


Step 4. Similarly, you can assign courses to Groups by clicking on the “Manage” icon. 

  • Along with assigning courses to a group, you can:
  • Add new users or delete old ones from a group.
  • Assign Group Administrators.
  • Check t courses pending for and taken by the group. 
  • Check the Grade Report of the group.
  • Edit the info of groups such as the group name and join codes. You can also delete a group. 



Step 5. Go to “My Users” and Click on “Preview Classroom” to see how a classroom appears to learners. 


Step 6. Finally, go to Users and click on “Email User” to send Classroom login information to learners. Similarly, you can send login information via email to "Groups."


How to set up the classroom for K12 students

You can easily set up a classroom for K12 students by creating individual student accounts using their email addresses.


However, at times students may not have email addresses. In such cases, you can create usernames and passwords, so that your students can access your online classroom without email addresses.


To create student accounts by assigning them usernames, please read the how-to article below:


How to add students to classroom with their usernames instead of email addresses?


It's important to note that after you've created student accounts, you can also manage their scores and grades through online classroom reporting features. For example, if your course contains a quiz, which consists of essay questions, then you can hide the scoring of the quiz from your learners until you've graded their answers to the essay questions.


To do this go to "Advanced Setting" of a quiz and under "Report Availability," select "After all essay are graded manually." Save your settings, once you're done.


Once you've updated the settings, learners will not be able to view their score after they complete the quiz. 

How to brand my classroom

With ProProfs, you can create greater brand awareness and recognition among your learners by adding a custom logo to your classroom.



Your learners will be able to view your brand’s logo as soon as they log in to the classroom. This helps your learners to identify your brand’s values and personality. 


Steps to brand your classroom:


Step 1. Go to your "My Users" and click on on "Edit Classroom."  



Step 2. Here, you can change the title of your classroom and add a suitable description. Finally, add your company’s logo and save your settings.



You can also embed the classroom on your website so that your learners can access it without ever leaving your website.


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