How to Create an Online Course


Here’s our video guide on how to create an online course in 5 minutes:



Start Creating Your Own Course

ProProfs Training Maker is an easy-to-use online course builder. Create online courses that delight your customers. You can start by creating an online course from scratch or choose one of our highly customizable templates that suit your needs.


ProProfs also offers a library of professionally-created free courses on a variety of subjects such as HR, Compliance, Workplace, and Harassment. There are several Learning Management Systems that enable you to create courses for specific purposes such as for training employees. As a user of ProProfs Training Maker, you can also contribute your own courses in our library.


Courses are easy to build, enabling you to create and sell online courses in a matter of minutes.


Step 1: Create a course


On your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard, click Create a Course. The dashboard is the first screen you arrive in, after logging in to ProProfs Training Maker. Any course that you create appears here.


Create a Course


Step 2: Make a choice

On the following screen, you get several options to create a course. You can create a course from scratch, use a template, or pick one of the professionally-created courses from our vast library. To get you started quickly, we have categorized our templates into several industry-specific domains such as Business, Sales, Finance, Communication, Marketing, Education, and more.


Create from scratch, select a template, or pick a course from the library


Step 3: Create from scratch

In case you choose to Create from Scratch, you arrive on the Training Maker Editor. This is the main screen where you can start creating your own course from the beginning. It is like a blank canvas. If you already have a vision in mind about how your course should look like, this is the best way to go.


Create from scratch


Step 4: Give a name to your course

Start by giving a name to your course by clicking on the Untitled Course option. The Training Maker Editor has a user-friendly interface that clearly indicates all clickable options to help users get started quickly and progressively.


Name your course


Step 5: Design your cover page

As you arrive on the Manage Page, you can see several options on the left pane. Here, you can add a course image, course title, course subtitle, and a description. You can also customize the Start button by giving it a different text. There are other settings as well that you can choose to activate such as description, course objective, FAQ, and instructor bio.


Design the cover page

Design the cover page


Step 6: Add a course image

To add a course image, click on the edit button on the Course Image. You can add your own image by uploading it from your system or choose an image from our library.


Add image


Step 7: Upload or choose from the library

This screen provides you the options to upload an image from your laptop/PC or select one from our image library. Once you've selected an image that you prefer, click Done.


Add course image


Step 8: Finish the cover page

Back on the Manage Page, when you have added all the details for the cover page of your course, click Done to save the changes. Your cover page is now ready.


Cover page


Step 9: Back on the Training Maker editor

You’re back on the Training Maker Editor and it should now reflect your course name, for example, How to Be a Good Landscape Photographer. From here, you can continue to add more elements to your course.


Training Maker editor


Step 10: Add new chapters, pages, and more

The Training Maker Editor further enables you to add new elements to your course such as chapters, pages, quizzes, surveys, polls, etc.


Add chapters, pages, and more


Step 10(a): Add a chapter

By default, the Editor shows Chapter 1 to get you started. You can edit it by clicking on it.


Add a chapter


Step 10(b): Name the chapter

On the following screen, you can edit the name of Chapter 1 to, for example, Preparing Your Camera Kit. While adding more chapters, ensure that the chapters provide a progressive flow to your course for gradual learning.


Name the chapter


Step 10(c): Add more elements

You can use the same screen to add more chapters, pages, quizzes, surveys, and more, by going to the Add New option. When you've made those changes, click Done to save them. These elements can also be added through the Training Maker Editor screen.


Add more chapters, pages, quizzes, and more


Step 11: Preview your course

Back on the Training Maker Editor, click Preview to preview your course.


Preview the course


Step 12: Preview as Instructor or Learner

You will get the option to preview the course as an Instructor or as a Learner. ProProfs allows you to check out how your course will appear to you and your learners.


Preview as instructor or learner


As you preview, the course will appear like this.

Preview course


Step 13: Finish creating your course

Finally, click Done to save your course. Congratulations, your course is now ready.


Finish creating your course


The course is now visible on your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard.

ProProfs Training Maker dashboard



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