How to Create an Online Course


Here’s our video guide on how to create an online course in 5 minutes:



Start Creating Your Own Course

With ProProfs Training Maker creating and launching a new online course is as easy as it could get.


You can create delightful online courses either from scratch or using one of our highly customizable templates that suit your requirements.


ProProfs also offers a library of professionally-created free courses on various subjects such as HR, Compliance, Workplace, and Harassment.


As a user of ProProfs Training Maker, you can also contribute your courses to our library. Our easy-to-use online course builder lets you create and sell online courses with just a few clicks.


By creating an online course, you can:


  • Offer a complete learning solution to your users

  • Train employees across organizations

  • Test knowledge retention using built-in assessments


Here is how you can create a brand new online course:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard, click ‘Create a Course.’ On the dashboard, you will find all the courses you have created.


Creating an online course


Step 2: Click ‘Create from Scratch.


You can create a course from scratch, use a template, or pick one of the professionally designed courses from our library.


Creating a new course from scratch


Step 3: The course cover editor opens, as shown below.


ProProfs Training Maker Preview


Here, you can customize the course cover. There are two broad settings on the left panel: ‘Header’ & ‘General.


From the header dropdown menu, you can:


1. Cover Image: Add a cover image of your new online course

2. Brightness: Set the brightness for better readability

3. Course Title, Subtitle, and Short Description: Add a title, subtitle (if any), and a short description of your new course. You can change the text color as well.


Customizing Course Cover


4. Button Text: You can edit the button text. Like, replace ‘Start’ with ‘Let’s Begin.’ Also, you can change the button color as per your preference.

5. Banner Thumbnail and Banner Alignment: You can choose to add a banner thumbnail by clicking on ‘Upload.’


Customizing Course Cover


Select an image from our library or upload your own. You can also set the alignment of the thumbnail.


Customizing Course Cover


From the General dropdown menu, you can:


Choose to show/hide the following:


1. Description

2. Course Objectives

3. About the Instructor

4. Table of Contents

5. FAQs related to the course



Customizing General Settings



Customizing General Settings



Once you enable the settings on the left, those options will show up on the right side, ready to be edited.


Step 4: Use the ‘Preview’ button to look at the changes, or you can click Done to go back to the editor.


Previewing & Saving the Course


Step 5: Here’s what the editor looks like,


Course Builder


You can perform the following operations here:


Customizing Course


1. Add New: You can add a new chapter, page, quiz, survey, poll, flashcard, external files as a resource, or even import a course using the respective options.

2. Edit Chapter and Add Media: You can edit the chapter name and click on ‘Change Media’ to add/upload media files such as an image, video, document, or spreadsheet.

3. Layout: You can change your chapter’s design by combining the media and its associated paragraph by choosing different layouts.

4. Add Audio: Click on the Three Dots Menu or the Kebab Menu Icon to add an audio file. Learn more.


Adding Audio File


Step 6:

  • After adding/editing the course elements, you can preview the course using the ‘Preview’ button.


Previewing the course


Here’s what the preview looks like:


Course Preview


  • After finishing the preview, click Done to save your course and return to the ProProfs Training Maker dashboard.


Saving the course


You can see and access all your courses from the dashboard.


Dashboard View


Now that you have successfully created a new online course, learn about other features of the training maker.



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