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How to Create an Online Course




Start Creating Awesome Courses

Easily create web courses that delight your learners. Start from scratch, use the ProProfs library of training courses, or easily upload your existing training content, including images, presentations, docs, videos, etc. Fully integrated with Quiz Maker to assess knowledge retention. Our courses are easy to build and administer and have been used to train millions worldwide!


Here's how an online course appears to learners:


Follow these steps to learn how you can create an online course within minutes:


Step 1: Template and Course Library

You can create a course from scratch where you add text, images, audio, and video to your course and can also import questions from other e-learning tools


ProProfs Training Maker offers professionally designed course templates to help you create courses quickly, you can select a template that suits your needs, or you can choose a ready-made course from the ProProfs course library. Click the "Courses" button to access the library.


Step 2: Tools

When you get to the 'Manage Training' page, you can use tools to create/customize your course.


For example, Click "New Page" button to add a page, click "Quiz" to add a quiz to your course, click "Import" to transfer questions from another course to your course, click "Download" to add downloadable resources for your learners, etc. 


You can also change the order of chapters and pages by dragging and dropping the chapter or page to the specific location in the course.


Step 3: Manage Page

The course manage page is where you create the content for your course. The editor allows you to add content, upload or embed media, and much more. You can choose 'layout' for every page like 'media only' or 'text only.'