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 How do I create, customize and brand a course certificate?

Step 1: Go to My Courses and click "Settings" under the course title to edit settings.                     


Step 2: Under “General Settings”, check “Customize what students see at the end of course”. 


Step 3: Further, check “Show Certificate” & click on “Customize certificate”


Step 4: Upload your custom certificate with your own logo & colors.     


Step 5: When the upload is complete, click on “Customize your certificate”.     


Step 6: (i) In the new window which pops up, you can customize the format, set placeholders by dragging them to appropriate positions on the certificate.

 (ii) Once you are done with the customization, you can preview the customized certificate by clicking the “Preview” tab.

(iii) When you are satisfied with the customization, click on the “Save & Continue” tab. Then click on the “Done” tab in the pop-up that follows. Your certificate customization is now complete.  


Step 7:  You can also update your certificate anytime from the “customize completion” section under the “General Settings”. To update certificates, click on the “Update certificate”.


Step 8: In the pop-up window which follows, you can choose to edit or preview the existing certificate, replace the existing certificate with a new one or use default ProProfs certificate.