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How to Ensure Learners Spend Certain Minimum Time in Taking My Course

As a course instructor, you can prevent learners from skipping important sections of your course by setting a minimum page activity time on course pages, videos etc, before they proceed to the next page. 

  • Ensure your learners don’t skip the vital contents in your course
  • Meet your course compliance requirements
  • Improve the quality of learning

Read to learn more on how to ensure your videos get watched by learners and prevent skipping: Ensure learner attention by enforcing minimum time in a course
Follow the steps below to set minimum time for your course pages:
Step 1: On the “edit settings” page of your course, click on “Security and Tracking” tab.

Step 2: Click on box which says “Min. Time To Proceed” to select “Yes” and then click on “Manage Time”.

Step 3: Now set the time for your course pages, videos, quizzes and “Save” your settings. 


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