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What Is Tin Can API? And Uploading a Tin Can Course to an LMS


Tin Can (also known as Experience API and xAPI) is SCORM’s successor, a software specification capable of tracking the complete learning experience. In a nutshell, Tin Can registers learner activity and stores data (in Learning Record Store) for further use. 


Among the several benefits, Tin Can allows to report multiple scores, in-depth test results, complete control over the content, support mobile learning, complete platform transition (i.e. computer to mobile), track simulations, track online & offline learning,  track adaptive learning; track blended learning and much more.


Read More: ProProfs as a Tin Can-Compliant LMS 


With ProProfs you can re-use your existing training materials. Simply upload a zipped file containing the training materials you may have created using other Tin Can compliant Learning tools like Articulate and Captivate. This prevents you from rewriting the content to create courses
ProProfs Training Maker is Tin Can compliant lms system
Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to upload a Tin Can course to ProProfs Training Maker. 
Step 1: Click the 'edit' option of the course you want to add a Tin Can content.
Step 2: Once you're on the "Create a Course" page, click on the ‘Import’ button.
Step 3: A popup will appear. Add the page title and click on "Upload".
Step 3 (a): After the zip files from other Tin Can compliant LMS tools are uploaded, click on "Next".
Step 3 (b): Now, you have reached the file selection step. Simply select the starter file from the list and click on "Save". 
Step 4: Click on "Done" to save your course.
Please note - After the Tin Can course has been successfully uploaded, this is how it will look like in ProProfs Training Maker. 
How to view reports in Tin Can courses
Step 1: When your content includes Tin Can courses, then your reports automatically adds the "Tin Can report" column as displayed in the image below. Click on "View" to see the reports.
Step 2: This is how the report will appear when you click on "view".

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