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How to Set a Reminder for Course Due Date


ProProfs Training Maker provides you with the option to send reminders to your users who have crossed their due date on courses. The Reminders & Compliance feature allows you to: 

  • Set a date by which you want the course to be completed 
  • Ensure high course completion rates by automating reminders
  • Set a date by which course certification expires 
  • Ensure ongoing compliance by defining what happens when course certification expires


How to Set Course Completion Due Dates and Automate Reminders


Step 1: Go to Course Settings and specify a specific date or time by which learners must complete the course. 


Step 2: Enable Email Reminder and set the days before which learners will be sent automatic reminders of the course completion due date. 



How To Set Course Certification Expiry Dates And Automate Reminders


Step 1: Specify a particular date or time, when the course certificate expires. 


Step 2: Move courses to pending so that learners will be sent automated reminders of certificate expiration. 










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