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How does the API allow me to capture learners data and insert it in my own database/website?

Using our API, you can easily capture course taker's data on your website. 


Example Use Cases of Capture API


  • Inserting lead capture into your own database such as name, email etc of course takers.
  • Inserting names and information for people that take the test into SugarCRM, SalesForce, or any other CRM system.
  • Triggering emails or any other process on your website when someone takes the course.


How it Works

This feature requires minor programming effort at your side to accept the data sent by ProProfs. Please note that this API is supported only in some of our high end premium packages such as those for business and enterprises.


To get started, you would need to make a file (your callback script) which will accept the data sent by the quiz through REQUEST method. Whenever someone takes your quiz, your callback script will be called, which will accept the data. After accepting the data, you can write any custom code such as required for inserting the data into your database or CRM or triggering some business logic process.

Please follow the step mentioned below to setup callback URL:


Go to the Settings page, click on "Notifications" and check the box under the label "Notification via API".  Type the call back URL indicating where the script is on your site and hit Save. This is the URL of the script which will accept the data in REQUEST method.


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