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How to Add an Audio File to a New Page


You can easily add an audio file to new pages while creating or editing courses


To add audio to your new pages, just follow these simple steps: 


Step1. Go to the edit panel and click on "New Page". See the screenshot below.



Step2.  Once you click on "New Page", a new page would appear.  Now, click on the "Audio" button on the top, refer to the screenshot below.


Step3. A window will appear (see screenshot below). Now, click on "Upload" and add your desired audio. Once done, click "Done".



Step4. Once the audio is uploaded, select whether it should be auto played or not and then click "Done".


Step5. After you click "Done", the audio will be added. You can edit or delete by click on the "Edit" icon as shown below. 


Step6.  Click "Preview" to check your audio setting. Following is the preview screenshot when audio is at auto play. When you are satisfied with the changes click "Done" to save the changes.









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