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How to Add Audio to My PowerPoint Slides


With ProProfs you can create presentation slides with an automated voice recording, which moves along with the text shown in the PowerPoint slides. 


Follow the steps below to add a voice to your presentation:


Step 1: On the course creation page, click on "Powerpoint." 



Step 2: Once you click on "Powerpoint," you'll see three options (see image below).

  • For a presentation without audio or video, click on "PowerPoint." 
  • For a presentation with audio, click on "PowerPoint & Audio."
  • For a presentation with video, click on "PowerPoint & Video."



Step 3: For the sake of demonstration, we are going to click on "PowerPoint & Audio."



Step 4: Now, click on "Upload" and attach your presentation. Once you upload the presentation, it would look like this:


*NOTE- The file types supported for Powerpoint Presentations are ".ppt"  and ".pptx," while for audio only mp3 files are supported.

               The max file size is 200Mb for Free account and Team Account; 1Gb for Business account and Enterprise account.



Step 5: Click on "Next." Now, a list of your presentation slides will appear with options to add audio to each slide.  You can either upload the audio or click on the "microphone" icon to record your own. 




Step 6: Once you have added the audio on desired slides, click on "Next & Preview."


Step 7: Now, preview your presentation slides as they will appear to your learners.

Step 8: Once you're satisfied with preview, click on "Save" and "Done." 


Here's how it will look from user's end:










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