How to Add Text, Images, Audio, and Videos to Courses


Adding text, images, audio, and videos take only a few minutes in ProProfs Training Maker. Follow these steps and you are all set to make learning fun and exciting for your learners.


Step 1: Navigate to the chapter or page in the course where you want to add text, image, audio or video clip. 


Step 2: How to add text 

Enter chapter title in the 'Title box' and course text in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get ) Editor which provides a graphical user interface similar to that of Microsoft Word. 

The Toolbar is the section located above the editing area as displayed in the image below, contains menu buttons that give you access to various functions. All buttons are grouped according to their function and include operations - such as paste content, basic text styling, text formatting etc. 

You will find the following in the first row. 


(i) Paste - To paste a text fragment, first cut or copy it from another source, then click the Paste button. You can also use Ctrl + V.

If direct access to the clipboard is blocked, you will be asked to paste the text into the Paste dialog window.


(ii) Paste as Plain Text - If you want to paste an already formatted text, but without preserving the formatting, you can paste it as plain text. To achieve this, copy the formatted text and press this button on the toolbar.


(iii)Paste from Word - The editor allows you to copy text from Microsoft Word. It will preserve the basic formatting when you paste from Microsoft Word. To achieve this, copy the text from a Word page and paste it by clicking on the Paste button. You can also use Ctrl + V.

Things don't always look so great when pasting from Word. If you have formatting issues, it is best to paste as plain text.



Step 3: How to add an image 

To add an image from the toolbar, follow the steps mentioned below 

(i) Click the image icon in the toolbar, as displayed below. 


(ii) A popup will appear. In the “Image Info” tab (as displayed below), paste the image URL, and you are all set. 


(iii) You can also upload an image from your computer. Just click on “Upload” and select an image from the computer. 


To add an image from the “Change Media” option, follow these steps: 

(i) Click “Change Media”  


(ii) A popup will appear encompassing of options - library, upload, search, Youtube. 


Library - You can select an image from the image library. It consists of all the images that you have uploaded or added in the past. 


Upload - It will allow you to add an image stored on your computer. 


Search - It will let you search for an image from Google.



Step 4: How to add an audio file

(i) Click the “Audio" icon.  


(ii) You can either upload an audio file or record one. Click the “Upload” button to select an audio file from your computer or click the mic icon to start recording audio, click “Done” to save the changes.


Step 5: How to add a video file


(i): Add a video file from the toolbar.

Click the “Insert Media Embed” Icon. 


Enter the video URL, and click "Ok" to save the changes. 

(ii): Add a video file from the “Change Media” option. Click the "Change Media" button.


Select a method( Library, upload, search, or Youtube) to add the video file.

YouTube - Enter YouTube Url and click the "Submit" button to add the video. Click "Done" to save the changes.

Step 6: How to change the layout of the page 

Apart from adding text, images, audio, and video to your course, ProProfs Training Maker allows you to change the layout of your page as per your convenience. 

(i): Click the “Layout” button as shown in the below image. 


(ii): Select a layout option from the available choices. 
Here's a preview of the “Media on Left” layout: 









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