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How to add video to my PowerPoint slides?

With the slide presentation (PPT) & video synchronization feature, you can use any video and sync it with a PowerPoint presentation, which will advance automatically to the most relevant slide as the video progresses.
Adding a video plus PowerPoint presentations has many benefits such as: 

  • Convey technical topics to learners in an easy format
  • Allow learners to self-pace their learning
  • Make your course more visually appealing

Follow these steps to add videos on your PowerPoint slides:
Step1. On the course creation page, click on "Powerpoint".

Step2. Once you click on "Powerpoint", you'll see three options (see image below).

  • For a presentation without audio or video, click on "PowerPoint". 
  • For a presentation with audio, click on "PowerPoint & Audio".
  • For a presentation with video, click on "PowerPoint & Video".

Step3.  To add a video, click on "PowerPoint & Video". 



Step4. Now, click on "Upload" and attach your presentation followed by the video you want on your presentation. 


Step5. Once you're done, click on "Next & Preview". 


Step6. Check the video with slides and make changes. You can sync the video with the slides and set the start time of the video as per your need. (see image below)


Step7. Once you're satisfied with your settings, Click on "Save" and then "Done". 


Here's how it will look like from user's end: