How to Set Automatic Expiration Dates for User Accounts


ProProfs Training Maker allows you to set expiration dates for user accounts after a certain period of inactivity. By doing so, you can easily delete inactive users and maintain an up-to-date record of users.


This highlighting feature lets you:


  1. Save time in managing user accounts added to a particular classroom

  2. Automatically disable user accounts after a certain period of inactivity and delete them


Possible use cases where this feature could be useful:


  1. In cases where you want to limit access to a particular course after a certain period of time
  2. Enable access only for new users to a specific classroom


Here’s how you can enable automatic expiration of user accounts:



Step 1: In your ProProfs Training Maker account,


  • Navigate to ‘Classroom’ from the dashboard

  • Go to any classroom, click on the Three Vertical Dots or Kebab Menu icon.

  • Click 'Edit.' The classroom’s landing page opens.


Steps to disable and automatically delete user accounts


Step 2: On this page,


  • Navigate to ‘Settings

  • Scroll down to ‘Mark users inactive after registration


Enabling the setting to disable user accounts after a certain period of time


  • Click to enable the settings.

  • Click on the dropdown arrow to select the period after which you want the user to be marked as inactive post-registration.


Selecting the duration post which the user will be marked inactive


Step 3: To enable the deletion of users automatically,


  • Click to enable ‘Delete inactive users


Enabling automatic deletion of inactive users


  • Once done, click ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Exit’ to finalize your changes.


Finalizing the changes


That is all about marking users inactive after registration and their subsequent deletion from the database.



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