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How to Set up a Learning Path for My Learners


The Learning Path enables you to define how a learner progresses through the courses. You can either create an Ordered learning path in which your learners take their courses in sequence or let them take the courses in No Order. Either way, they'll still have to finish all the courses included in their Learning Path.


Here's how to create a Learning Path:


Step 1: From your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard, go to More, and click Learning Path.



Step 2: Click + Create Learning Path.



Step 3: Enter the Learning Path Name, Description, and proceed to add courses.



Step 4: Add the relevant courses and click Done.



Step 5: Select the order in which the learners can take the courses and click Done.



Step 6: The new learning path has been created and it appears as a dropdown on the Learning Path page.



You may now assign this new Learning Path to the users and even to the groups.


Here's how you can assign a learning path to a user:


Step 7: Go to Users from your dashboard and select a user. In case you want to add a Learning Path to a group, go to the Groups tab.



Step 8: Go to the tab Courses and click + Courses.



Step 9: Select the Learning Path you want to add and save.



You can also add a Learning Path to a group as well:


1. Go to the Groups tab.

2. Select a group.

3. Go to Courses.

4. Click + Courses.





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