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How to Set up a Learning Path for My Learners

Learning Path allows you to create order-specific sets of courses. You can assign these sets to specific learners or groups. If you create an order specific learning path, it will not allow learners to skip courses, and they have to complete each course to move forward.


For unordered learning paths, learners will have a choice to take courses randomly from the set but will still be entitled to complete all courses in the learning path. 


For example, You create a learning path titled "Digital Marketing" and add three courses to it:

  1. Basics of Digital Marketing 
  2. Digital Marketing  
  3. Digital Marketing(Advanced Concepts & Recent Trends)

When this learning path is assigned to learners, they will have to complete all three courses to complete the assigned task. As it is order-specific, learners will have to undertake the courses in the specified order.  


Here's how the learning path will appear in learner's classroom:



Preview of how learning paths will appear in your dashboard:



Follow these steps to learn how to create a learning path:


Step 1: Sign-in to your account, click "Courses" to expand the drop-down menu then click "Learning Path."



Step 2:  Click "Create Learning Path" button.



Step 3:  Add a title and description, click "Next."



Step 4: Select courses to add to the learning path and click "Save." 




Step 5: Select the learning path role, "Ordered" makes it mandatory to take courses in the specified sequence, while "No order" allows learners to choose courses as per wish.




Step 6: Click "Users" and select a user from the list. Click 'add courses' button to assign learning path to the selected user.




Step 7: Select checkbox for the learning path from the course list and click "Save." The learning path is assigned to the desired learner. Similarly, you can also assign learning paths to groups. 



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