How to Access Revision History of a Course

Revision history is a useful feature in ProProfs Training Maker, essentially meaning that you can go back and restore a previous version of a page. Revision history saves backup copies each time you save an update to a content resource. ProProfs Training Maker will store the last 'ten' revisions of each page. The versions allow you to look back at the recent changes you’ve made and revert to an earlier version if necessary.


Here's how you can access the revision history of your course, and also restore it.


Step 1: When you log in to your account, from your dashboard choose the course you wish to view the revision history and click "Edit." 


Step 2: From the course editor, select the page and click the title of that page.


Step 3: The page editor opens up, click the "Revision History" button. 



Step 4: A side tab appears with the recent revision history, click the desired history. To access earlier revisions click the drop-down menu button.

*Training Maker allows to save up to 10 revisions per page.



Step 5:  The chosen revision appears if you wish to restore click "Restore,"  if you want to exit the revision history click the arrow button at the top left.  


Step 6: Upon clicking "Restore" a pop-up will appear, Click "Restore" to confirm.



Step 7: A pop-up will confirm the restoration, and will automatically redirect you to the course editor page. 









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