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How to Manage Registration of Learners in a Classroom

With ProProfs, you can manage the registration of learners in the following ways:


  1. Add learners manually to a classroom: With ProProfs, instructors can easily add new learners to the classroom using their emails addresses or IDs (usernames).
  2. Bulk upload an excel sheet of learners: Instructors can bulk upload details of users to the classroom and create hundreds of user accounts in a single step.
  3. Learners self-enroll to default groupsInstructors can allow learners to self-register to a particular quiz, course or group and save time and effort.
  4. Learners self-enroll to a specific group using join codeInstructors can allow learners to self-register to default group(s) to save time and effort.
  5. Self-enrollment via Google sign in: Instructors can also allow learners to self-register in a classroom via Google sign in. Users can use their own Gmail account to register for the classroom. Once authenticated, your end users will be part of the classroom.



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