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What Are the Pricing Plans?

For Training Maker pricing information, please visit our pricing page. We have highly discounted prices if you sign up for the annual plan as opposed to month to month. Moreover, the Quiz Maker comes bundled with Business and Enterprise plans.


Basic Plan - Perfect for home schooling parents and individuals who want to teach their children or peers by creating interactive online courses. The plan also allows you add quizzes and feedback surveys to your course, sell your courses online through ProProfs Store, view and share advanced reports and statistics, track learners via an online classroom and do much more.
Professional Plan - Perfect for teachers and instructors who are looking to create unlimited private courses, with their personal branding and get powerful reports and analytics. Includes the Quiz Maker Business Plan as well as surveys, polls and flashcards   
Business Plan - Perfect for SMEs, with all the features of Professional Plan included, along with provision for creating unlimited learner groups and private classrooms, Enterprise Quiz Maker, HD quality videos and print-quality training certificates.  
Enterprise Plan - Perfect for large enterprises and institutions, this plan includes all the features of the Business Plan and provides additional features such as Enterprise Security. API & Single Sign On Integration, White Label, Phone Support and more. 


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