How to Integrate Zoom Meetings With ProProfs Classroom


Create and send the Zoom meeting invites directly from your classroom to your learners with the integration between Zoom Meetings and ProProfs Training Maker. Integration is easy - all you need is a one time update of Zoom API key in your ProProfs Classroom and you’re good.


Benefits of connecting Zoom Meetings with ProProfs Classroom:

  • You will be able to create Zoom meetings without ever leaving your ProProfs Classroom.
  • Share Zoom meeting links with groups and individuals within the Training Maker.


In this article, you'll learn:


Here's how you can get the API key and the API Secret key:


Step 1: Log in to your Zoom account, go to the Marketplace and click Develop >> Build App.


Zoom dashboard


Step 2: Click Create under the JWT app type.


Zoom marketplace


Step 3: Go to App Credentials, and locate the API key and the API Secret key.


API key and API Secret key


Finish the integration between Zoom Meetings and ProProfs Training Maker:


Step 4: Go to your ProProfs Training Maker Classroom.


Training Maker dashboard


Step 5: Edit a classroom where you want to enable Zoom Meetings.


Edit a classroom


Step 6: Under Integrations, enable Zoom Meetings.


Integrate Zoom meetings and Training Software


Step 7: Enter the API key and the API Secret key that you obtained from the Zoom marketplace. When you're done, save. The integration is complete.


Enter API keys


After the integration, you will see the option for creating new zoom meetings.


To create a new Zoom meeting:


Step 8: Click Create Meeting.


Create new Zoom meetings from training software


Step 9: Enter the required details in the pop-up window, as shown below, and click Create Meeting.


Create new Zoom meeting


Step 10: Here’s how a Zoom meeting created with ProProfs Classroom looks like, as shown in the screenshot below. You can do the following after the meeting is created:

  • Start the meeting by clicking the Start Meeting option.
  • To share the joining details of the meeting with your users, click the meeting name under the column Meeting topic.


Share Zoom meeting details


Step 11: Click Copy to copy the details that you want to share with your selected users.


Copy Zoom meeting details




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